Data Readiness Assessment
for Organizations

Congratulations on taking the next step towards your organization's Data Transformation! We built this tool to help you gauge your organization's level of readiness. By the end, you'll find your diagnosis and recommendations on how to fast-track your digital and data transformation.
Note: Thinking Machines will be able to see all responses to this assessment and maintain an internal record for analysis. This information will not be shared with any external organizations and will not be used for marketing purposes unless you consent to your information being added to our mailing list.

Can you tell us about what you do?

Which describes your immediate data goal best?

Which best describes your organization in terms of using data and visualization for decision making?

Do you trust your data to make important decisions?

Which would best describe your process of generating regular important reports?

Which best describes your investment and use of monitoring dashboards?

Which best describes your data collection and storage?

How long does it take to answer a question with data in your organization?

Who can handle data / analytics requests?

Which type of data analytics can you perform?

How do you apply Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence?

You're all done. Good job!

Please enter your contact details so we can send you a copy of your results as well as other resources for further reading.
General Information
Decision Making
Data Integrity
Business Intelligence
Data Warehouse